Curious Gastronaut Food Exploration Game

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Curious Gastronaut

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Take a shopping cart for a spin, grab your favourite spoon, and harness your sense of adventure because this is unlike any game you’ve played before!

Curious Gastronaut is a whimsical, award-winning game of food exploration for aspiring foodies of all ages. Take mealtime pressure off the table and replace it with something incredibly fun for the whole family.

In the scavenger-hunt style Master Matcher, your littlest foodies discover new foods using all their senses.

In the adventurous Incredible Inventor, players grow confident as they make and taste. No recipes here — just inventive concoctions from creative minds.

In the competitive Feisty Foodie, players challenge each other in a tasty showdown!

Curious Gastronaut is a unique way to enjoy food together and find new flavours and moments to savour!

1 or more players
Many ways to play
Play with or without food
Play for as little as 5 minutes or keep your little ones entertained for hours

Watch more ways to play here.

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Publisher: Studio Oddball

Designer & Illustrator: Nalisha Chouraria

Specs: 120 x 170 x 40 mm (box)

Weight: 0.44 Kg

Format: 55 beautifully illustrated cards, 1 double-sided Gastronaut’s guide card, 1 book of curious recipes, 1 gameplay handbook and 1 cloth bag with drawstrings encased in a box

Recommended Age: For aspiring foodies of all ages.

Release: 26 November 2020

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