Curious Gastronaut

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Curious Gastronaut

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“If you’ve got a kid who loves to bake, enjoys experiments or is a bit picky with their meal choices – I reckon this game is for you! Would also make a cracking gift for your spaghetti-eating-only nephew or nothing-but-white-food goddaughter” – Janessa, teacher & mummy of 3


Curious Gastronaut™ is an award-winning children’s game that makes food exploration as exciting as space exploration for kids 5yrs and up! It’s a playful, non-stressful and pressure-free way to learn about the edible world outside of regular mealtimes, train to be adventurous eaters, be creative inventors rather than recipe followers and disconnect from devices and reconnect with each other in a whole new way. It’s the ONLY food game that makes no mention of food!

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Following the prompts on beautifully illustrated cards, players use their imagination to gather ingredients, creatively combine them to invent a bite-size dish, plate it, name it, taste it using all five senses and rate it. Your mission is to discover new flavours, textures & combinations that are out of this world and to revisit familiar ones from a new perspective. Play with real food or without, with or without cooking and choose from 3 different modes of play—there’s something for everyone. It will forever change the way you and your little humans perceive food. Curious Gastronaut™ was awarded the prestigious A’Design Award in 2020. Warning: May involve tasting strange things!


Publisher: Studio Oddball

Designer & Illustrator: Nalisha Chouraria

Specs: 120 x 170 x 40 mm (box)

Weight: 0.44 Kg

Type: Child-led food play & food education, imagination, exploration, sensorial learning

Format: 55 beautifully illustrated cards, 1 double-sided Gastronaut’s guide card, 1 book of curious recipes, 1 gameplay handbook and 1 cloth bag with drawstrings encased in a box

Recommended Age: 5+. Grownups love it too.

Average Duration: 20-60 min

Release: 26 November 2020


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